Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome Sarah Ballance and Run To You!

The experience with the All Romantic Suspense Blog Tour has taught me so many things. More important, it has brought me in contact with writers whom I would never have met—and the stories they create. This morning we are pleased to welcome Sarah Ballance, creator of Run To You to Veronica's Tales.

First, a bit about Run To You:
Mattie James can't pinpoint exactly when she lost control of her life, but the moment she decided to take it back made the front page of the local paper. Desperate to dodge the fallout— and the tabloids—she jumps at the chance to spend an off-season week in a tiny resort community by the sea. Making the trip with her ex-lover is a complication she can live with; coming face to face with a dead woman is not.

The last thing Sheriff Wyatt Reed expected to find on the storm-ravaged beach was a beautiful blonde with a jealous sidekick, but one look at Mattie left him wanting more. Their first date takes an ominous turn when he gets the call that a woman was found murdered. With a killer on the loose and a troubling lack of suspects or motive, Wyatt has to put his feelings aside to focus on the case. But his vow not to become personally involved is shattered when he discovers Mattie's life is on the line, and this time the truth leaves her with a deadly choice . . . and nowhere to run.

If that doesn't spark your interest, I don't know what will!!
Let's talk with Mattie James, herself . . .

What is Run To You about?
A vacation gone awry. After a public breakup with my "prominent" ex-fiancĂ© made the news, my best friend – who happens to be my ex-lover – whisked me away to the beach to get away from it all. He had high hopes we'd get together again, or at least have sex. That was so not happening, but I don't think he believed me until I met Wyatt Reed. Our first date was interrupted by the first of two murders, and things got intense from there.

What did you think the first time you saw Wyatt?
In a word, YUM.

What was your second thought?
He just looked … real. There was something rugged and raw about Wyatt, and all I could think about was how those rough hands would feel on my skin. That, and that trace of a five o'clock shadow. I won't tell you where I imagined that!

Did you think it was love at first sight?
The connection was there, yes. Until Wyatt, my love life has consisted of one dating disaster after another so I didn't want to trust that instinct, but it was there.

What do you like most about him?
He is who he is. You always know exactly where you stand with him, and he doesn't try to make anything what it's not. After growing up in an affluent world where appearances mean everything, it's incredible to know a man who doesn't try to be more than he is … although I've gotta say, I couldn't ask for more than the man he is.

How would you describe him?
Easy going and exceptionally good with his hands. He's also got the sexiest gray eyes you've ever seen.

How would he describe you?
I shudder to think! LOL. I'm carefree and impulsive. I'm as wild as Wyatt is laid back – we balance each other well.

What made you choose writing as a profession?
There's not a whole lot to do on the island where I live with Wyatt, but there's inspiration to be had everywhere I look. The locals are colorful to say the least, and between their stories and the butterflies I still feel when I think of Wyatt, writing is a natural choice.

What is your biggest fear?
The ocean. I was terrified of it before I saw it through Wyatt's eyes, and, while we've since made strides towards cohabitating, the deep water still scares me.

How do you relax?
The sun, the sand, and the sound of the waves. Need I say more?

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

When I decided to move to be with Wyatt, my mother had a fit. But my father looked at me said anything I believed in was good enough for him, and that I should always follow my heart. Coming from him, the sentiment was especially poignant because it was the first time I had permission to be me instead of who they wanted me to be.

Now, let's get to know a little something about Sarah, the author.
What books or movies have had an impact on your writing?

Any time I read a great book, it inspires me. I can lose myself in the story and at the same time appreciate the craft behind it. Everything from the nuts and bolts to the story arc to every twist, turn, and cliff hanger makes me want to write a book. I love that!

To read more about Sarah balance go to:

Sarah, thank you so much for this interesting visit. Your book sounds fascinating. I know I'm going to put it at the top of my wish list.
Much success with sales and promotion.


Sarah Grimm said...

I love character interviews! One of these days I'm going to have to do one.

Fun interview, Veronica, Sarah and Mattie!


The Sweater Curse said...

Sarah, Mattie really came to life for me through this interview. I too live on an island and share her sentiments.
Congratulations, a most entertaining interview.

Anonymous said...

@Sarah G - Character interviews are one heck of a way to get into the mind of your characters! I did one for Wyatt a while back. It was my first, and by the time it was over I felt like I KNEW him. Great fun! I really appreciate having this chance again with Veronica and Mattie. ;c) Thanks so much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

@ L/SC - Hi, girl! Nice to see you again! I have to admit, the setting for RTY was easy for me because we practically live at the beach. It's just 15 minutes by car, and when we take our boat out, the islands that inspired RTY are mere moments from us. It's a fantastic atmosphere, and I officially envy you! ;c) Want houseguests? LOL. (Say no. I have six kids, remember!)

JM said...

Great interview! I had to check this out because one of my good friends writes as MADDIE JAMES. I'll have to let her know about your book.

Anonymous said...

@JM, I laughed so hard when I first saw a Maddie James book cover! (My book was already finalized.) I've always wondered what THE Maddie James would say, LOL. (Now I'm afraid to know!) Thanks for a good laugh. I'm going to go hide now. ;c)

Emma Lai said...

Definitely a fan of character interviews. Sounds like a great read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Emma! I'm glad you stopped by and I sure appreciate your comment. ;c)

Veronica's Tales said...

thanks so much to all who came to visit Sarah, Mattie, and Veronica's Tales.
we appreciate the business!
Veronica Lynch