Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome Rhonda Lee Carver

We are so pleased that author Rhonda Lee Carver could be with us today--Valentine’s Day—and share a bit of romance with us. Take it away, Rhonda . . .

Valentine's Day is all about romance. But now the day has come and you're left tapping your chin and wondering, “I forgot all about it. What do I do now?”

Here are last minute date tips. No matter how long you’ve been dating, or how intimate your relationship is, they should love one of these ideas.
  1. Cook dinner for her. If you know her fave meal, make it. Don’t forget the candlelight and soft music. Maybe even decorate the place like a country she has wanted to visit.
  2. Make up gift cards with special treats and ideas. For instance, a back massage, foot massage, and a day where she gets to choose what you’ll do together…Be creative. The sky is your limit.
  3. Rent her fave romantic movie, pick up a bottle of champagne or wine, grab a nice bouquet of pretty flowers and surprise her.
  4. If you don’t mind the cold, for those who live in a cold climate, spend the day at the zoo. The great thing about winter time is, you won’t have to endure the crowds and you’ll have privacy to tuck away in the corner and steal a kiss.
  5. A tour at a chocolate factory. What woman doesn’t love chocolate? And if she is one of the few that never touches the stuff, then take her to a winery for a tour and sampling. After, stop off at a nice bakery shop and share a variety of desserts and a specialty coffee.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about how much money you spend, but instead how special you make it for that certain someone. Even last minute dates can be made to feel like they’d been planned for weeks.

It's clear Rhonda knows what she's talking about. No further proof is needed than in an excerpt from her latest book—Second Chance Cowboy. Take a look:

Carly squeezed her hands into fists. “My poor husband. How difficult it is for him to manage his inflated ego and keep his zipper closed.”
         “We’re divorced, remember?” His voice reeked of sarcasm.
         She groaned in irritation. Her pulse pounded in her ears like the beating of a drum. Her claws were showing.
         Chance didn’t blink an eye as he gazed at her across the room. “Honey, I can keep my pants zipped just fine. Problem is, you can’t keep your fingers off my zipper.”
        Carly’s palm itched to slap him. “We live in a small town, Chance. How do you think it’s possible we haven’t run into each other more than three times in the last two years?” She cocked her chin. “Let me fill you in. I’ve done everything in my power to keep from bumping into you. Do you realize how difficult it is to plan my schedule weeks in advance so I don’t have to see you? Is that a description of a woman who can’t keep her fingers off your zipper?”
       “No, more like a woman who’s afraid she’ll forget what screwed up our marriage in the first place, realize she’s made a huge mistake and get her ass back home.”
       “Humph, fat chance that’ll ever happen.” She fumbled with the sheet in irritation and gave her hair a toss over one shoulder. Damn, he did have a point, although she’d never admit it to him.           
       “Yeah, right, Carly, because you can’t ever forgive and forget, can you? You think you’re the only one who has lost, don’t you?” His eyes became steely pools of green. His voice turned low and controlled. “I lost Devon, too. He was my son--our son. How long are you going to keep blaming me for his death?”
       Carly swallowed the painful lump in her constricted throat. “I don’t blame you.”
       “Could have fooled me.”
       “We both know why I left.”
       “We do?” His bitter laugh split the air with its razor-sharp intensity. “I know you want to hold on to the belief that I am the bad guy who drove you away, but isn’t it time you took half the responsibility for the failure of our marriage?” A trace of compassion softened his expression. He tugged on his shirt and finger-combed his hair.
       “It wasn’t my fault you cheated.” Once she said it, she wanted to yank the words back. Too late, just like their relationship.
        “You’re a broken record, sweetheart. It’s not worth denying the accusation any longer. Maybe eventually you’ll believe your words and feel justified in leaving.  Devon died, Carly. He’s gone and we can’t change the truth. One of us needed to make the decision to let him go and I made it. I held out hope you’d eventually find a sliver of forgiveness in your cold heart. I guess I was wrong.”
       The old wound broke open and her lungs emptied of oxygen. She wanted to lash out at him, tell him to go to hell, but the words didn’t come. Instead, she whispered, “I’m going to the bathroom. When I get back I want you gone.”
       “Carly, you’ve become an expert at sucking all the joy out of your life and pushing away anyone who reaches out to you. You’re living in a self-made prison, founded on guilt and pain, and there is no key to unlock the cell door.”


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Maeve said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for all the great ideas.

Donna L Bolk said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I loved your ideas and wanted share what my creative hubby did for me last year. I'm not big on candy, but I love seafood. And so, my hubby bought a hugh box of chocolates, emptied the box, and replaced the chocolates with a huge steamed crab. Being in a rush he left the chocolates on his van seat (where he'd had the hot crab sitting). He forgot all about the chocolates, when he went out to his van the next day, the candy had melted. He had the sweet scent of chocolate in his van for days.

Rhonda said...

Good one, Donna. Love the smell and taste of chocolate :) Thanx Maeve.

Maureen said...

Nice sample! Says a lot about your book and the depths you reached in a relationship.

Mary Ricksen said...

Here is another chocolate addict!DH hasn't come up with anything yet today.
I hope he remembers! He is so unromantic!
But then he bought me a pair of earrings for no reason last week. Too bad they are too hideous to wear!