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Welcome Rachel Brimble

Mother Nature is finally cooperating with us poor mortals so to celebrate we have a real treat today. As part of the All Romantic Suspense Blog Tour, Rachel Brimble is with us. . .

I have decided to interview my heroine from my latest novel, her name is Kate Marshall.

What is “Getting It Right This Time” about?
This is the story of how I found love again upon my return to my hometown of Foxton in the UK after the death of my husband. We were…going through a hard time just before he died so I stayed in Zante where we lived together for a further two years after he died mainly out of worry for our daughter and my own guilt at planning on ending the marriage before his untimely death.

What did you think the first time you saw the hero, Mark?
I hadn’t seen Mark for five years and when I saw him for the first time again, I felt sick, angry…and totally in love. He has always been and always will be the love of my life. As pathetic as that sounds, no-one has ever fit me like Mark.

What was your second thought?
How the hell was I going to get out of the theatre (he’s a theatrical agent) without him seeing me!

Did you think it was love at first sight?
I know it was – I’ve loved Mark since I was sixteen. I knew I was settling for second best when I married my husband but even though he wasn’t Mark, I loved him and tried my hardest to make the marriage work. I guess I learned true love can never be forgotten or replaced.

What do you like most about Mark?
His determination – he has the amazing fortitude I have ever known in a person. He was quiet, happy to let his friends take the limelight when we were growing up but he said when he lost me, he changed. Now he strives for everything he wants and what his clients want – and now he has me and my daughter, Jessica. He takes my breath away with his determination he will give us the world.

How would you describe him?
Ambitious, hardworking, committed, doesn’t suffer fools gladly – in other words, sexy, masculine and all mine!

How would he describe you?
Stubborn, loving mum to Jessica, independent…sexy!

What made you choose beauty therapist as a career?
I have always been a nurturer – starting with friends, Mark…my husband and then of course, my beautiful, precious girl. I love making people feel better about themselves, finding their confidence and realizing they can do whatever they put their mind to. That often starts with a bit of ‘me’ time and what better ‘me’ time than with a massage, a manicure or a good general pampering!

What is your biggest fear?
Losing my daughter or Mark – my husband’s death forced me to realize how life is a precious gift and it can be taken away.

How do you relax?
By doing the simple things in life – I love the country so Mark and I try to take Jessica out for long country walks, kite flying, wildflower picking, that sort of thing and if Mark and I are alone…well, that’s another thing all together.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
From Mark – never give up on what you want…or deserve.

Rachel kindly provided us with an excerpt of Getting It Right This Time . . . 
Kate pushed open the door on the salon and cursed the jingling bell announcing her arrival. No doubt Jo was ready to kill her. She took three steps inside when Jo shot out the back room, lunged forward with the panache of an Olympic gymnast and grabbed Kate’s upper arms.
“He came back!” she cried.
“What? Who?” Kate stared at her, completely bewildered by the look of pure ecstasy on her assistant’s face.
“Sexy Mark Johnston.”
A rush of heat surged over Kate’s body--only to be replaced with ice-cold perspiration bursting onto her upper lip. “What? Why?”
Jo squealed and clapped her hands together. “He brought you something.”
Kate’s echo died on her lips when Jo dragged her over to the payment counter. “Look!”
Pale pink ribbons were tied around the handles of the biscuit-colored picnic basket and a wide pink and white gingham ribbon circled its center. Both of the dual lids were ajar, one revealing a dozen pink carnations, the other a bottle of white wine so chilled the perspiration slid in occasional rivulets down its neck.
“Why would he do this?” Kate whispered, taking another step closer as a smile tugged at her lips.
She smoothed her hand over the surface of one of the handles and inhaled the aroma of freshly baked bread seeping from inside. Her stolen Weightwatcher lunch groaned inside her stomach.
“Open it. Open it,” Jo said, bouncing from one foot to the other.
“Oh, for goodness sake,” Kate huffed, yet dismally failing to curb her stupidly insistent grin.
Sighing theatrically, she lifted one of the lids and her breath caught. He’d bought her favorite granary bread, along with delicate slices of Parma ham and a thick wedge of creamy brie. Tears stung at her eyes, and she swallowed the ball of emotion in her throat.
“Oh, Mark.” She said the words on an exhalation as she carefully lifted a crisp white napkin to reveal two of the most delectable mini strawberry and fresh cream tarts she’d ever seen. Her absolute weakness.
She slowly closed the lid and re-arranged her expression into what she hoped was careless nonchalance before turning around. “When did he leave?”
“About ten minutes ago,” Jo said breathlessly. “Can you believe this? Isn’t it lovely?”
“What did he say?”
Her assistant frowned. “Aren’t you happy? Don’t you think it’s romantic?”
“Jo, focus. What did he say?”
Her blue eyes clouded, clearly displaying her disproval of Kate’s seemingly unappreciative response to such a thoughtful gesture. Kate smiled inwardly, knowing full well she’d be the topic of conversation between Jo and her friends at the wine bar later. Finally averting her gaze, Jo feigned interest in the bottles of lotion lining the shelves behind the counter.
“He said he was sorry he’d missed you and put that basket on the counter and then asked if he could borrow a pen and some paper.”
Kate stared at her turned back. “What for?”
She swiveled round. “To write you a note. The guy is obviously love-struck and you’re standing there as though he looks like Shrek after a mud-bath.”

Now, a little bit about Rachel herself . . .
What books or movies have had an impact on your writing?
So, so many! I am a romantic through and through. I love the idea that a couple will do anything, fight anything to be together, and then do everything and fight everything to stay together.

My favorite authors are:
Nora Roberts – her characters never ever leave me! She makes me want to be a better writer.

Marian Keyes – she is so talented to draw such a myriad of emotions from her readers. Laughter, tears, sadness and triumph. Fabulous!

Favorite Movies:
When A Man Loves A Woman – Andy Garcia kills me in this movie! What a man, what a character.

Message in a Bottle – Love the romance of this story. The tracking down of the anonymous is such a great premise for a story. Envious I didn’t think of it myself!

Thank you so much, Rachel, for visiting Veronica’s Tales today. 

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Mona Risk said...

Lovely excerpt Rachel. Your hero sounds so yummy. Can I borrow him?

Jannine Gallant said...

"Shrek after a mud bath"-you kill me! Great excerpt. Best of luck with sales.

Gracen Miller said...

Sounds like a fabulous book! Enjoyed the excerpt. And wish you all the best of success!


Emma Lai said...

Great interview. Love hearing more about characters. Congrats on the release!

Sarah Grimm said...

Great interview, Rachel. Every time I read a character interview I think 'I have to do that!' They're so much fun to read.

One of these days...


Rachel Brimble said...

Hi girlies!!

So lovely to see you all here! I really feel like we're becoming friends. Your support amazes me - thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words and comments.

I loved writing this book - hope you enjoy if you feel so inclined!

R x